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First Update of Kickstarter Campaign DesignLiner a Modern Stainless Steel Ruler

Posted by Charles Williams on


   Currently 72% funded!!!


    I could not have imagined the amount of funding that has already happened. I am very thankful for everyone who is helping making the DesignLiner possible.

   1 of 3 Early Bird backer pricing is already gone!

   I will be working on posting in the next couple of days videos that show a few more things you can do with the DesignLiner. is now live!

   Right now the website will feature updates on the DesignLiner and after the Kickstarter campaign is complete (if campaign is successful) you will be able to by the DesignLiner on my site. Please take advantage of the Kickstarter price because they will be more expensive after the campaign finishes. I also recently bought a 3d printer that will arrive in January. You will be also able to follow the projects I am working on and help give vital feedback on my site for future projects.

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