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 KeyPack - The revolutionary EDC (everyday carry) compact key carrying system. Slim enough to fit in almost any pocket

Fits 4 Keys.

Choose from Jet Black or Arctic White

Don't forget to pick up a set of extra screws. 


Why Would I Need Spacers?

Spacers are used if you are using less then the maximum amount of keys. The spacer takes the place of a key to allow any keys in the KeyPack to remain snug.

Will My Key Fit? 

Assuming your key is flat the answer is YES!!!

Since the screws are custom made any key that has a hole diameter of 3.75mm or larger will fit. I have tested over 40 different keys and they all have fit no problem. Please keep in mind there still might be a key out there that doesn’t fit, but any flat key I could get my hands on in North America did fit.

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